Saturday, January 10, 2009

Zambian Airways Implodes

You heard it here first. Zambian Airways suspended operations today stranding hundreds of passengers, well, maybe not quite hundreds but dozens for sure. No refunds, barely even an apology. I know because I'm stuck in OR Thambo in Johannesburg.

It got hot as the crowd started accusing the Zambian Airways representative of cheating them. I felt bad for the guy who having just lost his job had to confront an angry crowd of stranded Zambians. They'd been waiting since 9 am. The plane never even left Zambia. That's 150 bucks down the drain and an entire day spebnt in the airport.

Luckily I got on a SA airways flight tomorrow. I was so careful to book just a few days in advance knowing full well that the airlines waws in difficulty but it's been in difficulty since it began!

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  1. Good to hear you got a SAA-ticket, I'm in Durban waiting to see if there will be some compensation coming, so I haven't booked a replacement to my ZA ticket yet.

    "government wants to know what efforts the shareholders have made to ensure that all stranded passengers holding Zambian Airways tickets are safely transported to their destinations" -