Monday, January 5, 2009

My Whereabouts

On Kloof street in Cape Town. I'm a bit stunned how hard I've fallen for South Africa. Everything from the weather, the people I've met, the landscape and even the soap operas on SABC thrill me. I really feel like I could live here.

Yes, I'm aware of the social problems and that my sense of excitement might have something to do with the fact that basic goods and services here are half the price of Zambia at twice the quality. I had good sushi and a Kirin beer the other day on a nice patio for less than a plate of nshima and a Mosi back in Lusaka.


  1. I love SA soaps. I love that they are half english/have afrikaans. Why aren't Canadian soaps like that?

  2. You are one lucky man, although if Cape Town is all you've seen so far, make sure to see other places! Glad you're enjoying yourself!