Wednesday, July 30, 2008

African Photo Diary Two: The Economy

If some of these photos look like they were taken from the back of a moving pickup truck on a gray day it's because they were.

Many of the stores here have wicked paint jobs featuring all the great stuff you'll find inside. Also, I love that font.

Zambian women have a superhuman ability to carry massive weights on their heads for great distances. Notice the busted cars in the background.

Not sure what the trailer is about but the ad on the right is for Shake Shake, the local millet beer that apparently tastes like yogurt and has grainy bits floating in it. I haven't yet gotten the nerve up to actually enter places that sell it so you'll have to wait to hear how it stands up to Kokannee. Mosi Lager, the other popular beer here, is actually much better than the vast majority of Canadian ones.

Just doing the laundry.

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