Wednesday, July 30, 2008

African Photo Diary Three: Kids

I took these in a rural area outside Lusaka while on a field trip with some German geogrpahy students. More on that trip later.

This kid calmly jumped into the back of the pickup with us. Zambians dress pretty well, but I think he just might be the best dressed kid in Zambia. Look how he rocks that yellow tartan and the two t-shirts, amazing. Unfortunately, I forgot his name.

This is the greatest graffitti found on the wall of a rural school:
Just in case u have forgotten
am Bob the game
Cash Money King
of the Daso

These kids stopped their game of scocer to watch us go by. I love the hand made nets.


  1. just in case you have forgotten
    i am bob the king
    reminding you
    to update your blog

  2. Somebody stole my flash drive! Otherwise I'd be posting my new afro-pop songs.