Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Zambezi

I've had some trouble uploading photos lately. Hopefully this makes up for it. I just returned from a weekend in Livingstone sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism. I'm pretty impressed with the place and was surprised how non-touristy this supposed tourist-town felt. That might have something to do with the dry season state of Victoria Falls or the general lack of development in Zambia overall. The paradox of neo-liberalism/public corruption (depending on your ideological perspective) is having brand-new private coaches driving down impossibly rutted public roads, and luxury lodges completely detached from public utilities.

This photo is of a team of hotel employees practicing for the Livingstone Boat Club's October 25 regatta, where they will compete against other service industry teams rowing inflatable rafts around a course on the Zambezi.


  1. Great post... but nothing on the HIGHLIGHT of your weekend... seeing US! ;)

  2. I wasn't able to convey the complex upheaval of raw emotions in a simple blog post. I am currently working on an epic poem entitled "Livingstone Three, thy Friendship is Like a Thorny Rose."